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The amenities and facilities available in the Aldea Real community include jogging paths, parks and playgrounds for the residents of the neighborhood to spend time outdoors and enjoy their leisure hours with their families and loved ones in safe and secure surroundings.

Amenities available for the exclusive use of residents of Aldea Real include:

Multi-Purpose Clubhouse:
A multi-purpose clubhouse is available for the use of residents of Aldea Real, whenever a bigger space is required to host a gathering, a celebration, a special event or just a community get-together.

Basketball Court:
What is a Filipino residential community without a great basketball court? Enjoy your own neighborhood basketball court at Aldea Real, which is guaranteed to become a favorite spot for young and old alike to get together for a healthy pastime, and to meet and socialize.

Parks And Playground: Here at Aldea Real, you will find landscaped greenery, lush parks and a children’s playground for the youngest members of the community, where they can run, play and meet friends in a safe and secure environment, and parents can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of home.

Gazebo And View Deck: Because of its elevated position, Aldea Real offers beautiful views of Mount Makiling to the south, Laguna de Bay to the east, and Tagaytay Ridge over to the west. A gazebo and view deck in the landscaped surroundings will provide you with stunning vistas at sunrise and sunset.

Jogging Paths: A jogging path runs around the perimeter of the Aldea Real, and will provide a great way to get a workout without ever leaving the confines of home.

Other value added facilities for residents of Aldea Real include:

Grand Entrance Gate: An 15 meter wide entrance gateway provides a warm homecoming for you to Aldea Real, and an impressive welcome to your visitors and guests.

Guardhouse: A 24-hour manned guardhouse at the entrance gate and a roving guard patrol ensures that only residents and authorised visitors are able to enter the Aldea Real enclave, ensuring security and peace of mind for all residents in their homes.

Concrete Roads: Paved concrete roads amidst landscaped surroundings and walkways create an ambience of space and openness in Aldea Real.

Power And Water Distribution: A dedicated power and water distribution system in Aldea Real ensures uninterrupted supply to your home.

Drainage System: A well-planned drainage system ensures that all rainwater runoff is channelled safely away, and the elevation of the Aldea Real development, located at 100 meters above sea level ensures that there is no flooding even in the monsoon seasons.

  • Grand Entrance Gate
  • Concrete Roads
  • Guardhouse
  • Power Distribution Water
  • Distribution
  • Drainage System Multi-purpose Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Parks and Playground
  • Gazebo / View Deck
  • Jogging Paths
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